Savo-Rogaining 28.5.2011

Competition instructions

Sawo-Rogaining 28.5.2011 Joroinen

Competition center

Sawo-Rogaining competition center is Hotel Joronjälki in the center of the village Joroinen. The race will be signpost from road 5 / Joroinen exit. Distance to the competition center is about 200 m. The sport shop at the competition center is open starting from the morning. There is coffee, bakery, etc. available in the hotel restaurant.


At the hotel parking place.

Service during the competition

Teams can service themselves at their cars or at the service area in the competition center. External service aid is forbidden but shops, etc. public services can be used. There is no service by the organiser in the competition center. In the competition terrain area there are three drinking controls (natural springs or water barrels). They are merked to the control definitions as drinking controls.


The teams have to register at the competition center info stand 7:30-10:30 in the competition day. Every team member have to sign the responsibility release document. Team members younger than 18 years old needs also signature from their guardian! After returning of the document you will get numbers, needles, plastic map pocket, food tickets, map tickets, emit cards reserved beforehand and other material needed in the competition.


Saturday 28.5.2011

7.30 Competition office open
7.30-10.30 Registration
8.30 Handing out of maps

11.00 Competition start 

15.00 Finish closes in 4 h classes

19.00 Finish closes in 8 h classes

14.30-20.00 Meal

about 19.30 Prize-giving ceremony in 8 h classes


The competition map is a reduced orienteering map (IOF official map signs) in the scale 1:20 000 with a contour interval of five meters. The map has been updated in 2010 and 2011. Every team member will get his/her own map and plastic A3 size map pocket and control definitions. There are two separate maps (eastern and western) with common area in the middle of the competition area.  The map accuracy is varying between the areas. In some areas the mapping is general but most of the areas are based on orienteering maps. The map is accurate and updated especially close to the controls.

Forbidden areas

It is forbidden to go into the private yards and gardens. They are marked to the map with green colour.  If a raod is going through the yard area it can be used if it is not marked forbidden. Please remember to honour the privacy.

Fields are also forbidden. Railroads are forbidden but you can cross them carefully if it is necessary. Please note most of the railroads are in daily use. Highway nr 5: you have to use over and under passes. It is forbidden to use the road. The public path/tral in the natural park area can be used.

Kotkatharju natural park and shooting place are marked to the map with red lines in the middle of the eastern map. 

Airport and golf couse are forbidden area. Other forbidden areas you can see in the map marked with red lines or cross.


The teams have full freedom to choose their routes. There are 43 controls in the competition area. 

There is a north-east / south-west oriented sandy hill area with lot of kettles. This area has lot of small details with markable height differences so it is a challenging area physically and also in orienteering. Other area are easier with roads and fields. Also the small lakes increases the challenges to select the best routes. In the forest you can sometimes meet a lot of fallen trees caused by the 2010 storm. Those areas are not marked to the maps.


Controls are marked with orange-white orienteering control flags and they are identical to the model control located in the start area. Every control has Emit punching registration unit. Controls are numbered from 20 to 99. The first number is the value of the control. For example 24 gives 2 points and 71 gives 7 points. Drinking controls in the terrain are marked to the control descriptions. Drinking points are natural springs or water barrels. Washing is forbidden in the drinking controls. Every control has a small plywood piece in case you can not see the control. In case there has been vandalism please report immediately to 040-1895407-


Emit punching system is used in the competition. You have to clear your Emit card when entering to the start area and punch in every control to get the points. All team members have to touch the control flag or Emit registration unit! The teams are responsible in clearing their Emit cards when entering to the start area. For the lost Emit card borrowed from the organiser extra fee 55 € will be charged.

Visiting controls and going around in the competition area

The team members have to stay together in less than 20 m distance to each others. Team behaviour is supervised by the organiser. Competitors can not rest less than 100 m to controls if it is not a drinking control. Competitors are not allowed to destroy the controls, drinking points or any other construction set up by the organiser. Traffic rules have to be followed including traffic lights! Littering will cause disqualification. It is not allowed to take any equipment beforehand to the competition area and all equipment taken from the start have to be carried to the finish or service area when arriving to the finish. It is allowed to leave bicycle temporarily but all team members have to have it in the start and finish.

There are selveral horse riding staples in the area. If you meet a horse please keep the distance and behave slowly. Theare are also few snakes in the area. If a snake bites you then you have to stop the competition immediately and go to the doctor.


Mass start point is situated in the competition center bordered with a tape. Teams have to get into that area in good time before the start. Emit card clearing will be done when entering to the start area. Emit card clearing will start 20 min before the start and it closes 5 min before the start. The teams can proceed to any desired direction from the start area after the start signal. False started teams will be disqualified.


Finish is located in the competition center. Competitors have to cross the finish line together so that the emit card holder comes last and punches in the finish control. This last punch is the team finish time. Teams have to arrive to finish the latest as follows:

15:00:00 (4 h class)
19:00:00 (8 h class)
Each starting delay minute will cause one reduction point. More than 15 min delay will cause disqualification.

Compulsory equipment

To guarantee security the teams must have a functioning mobile phone packed to a water proof pocket and first aid package including at least a first aid band or two gauze rolls, plaster and sport tape. Each competitor has to have a bottle or bag for drinking, a cap and a windproof coat. In bicycle classes the helmet has to be on head all the time. You have to save organiser's phone number +358-40-1895407 to your mobile phone.

First aid

Each team have to carry fist aid packet. See "compulsory equipment". We also recommend to carry a snakebite kit. 


If there would be an accident the team has to report to the organiser by mobile phone to enable quick extra help. If there is a life thread call first to the general emergency number 112. If it is a smaller accident then call organizers to +358-40-1895407. Teams have to save this number to their mobile phone. Also possible technical problems like vandalism to the controls have to be reported to this number.


It is possible to wash in the hotel.

Food after the competition

After the competition the food will be served in the hotel restaurant. Hand out your food ticket to get it.

Prize-giving ceremony

8 h class ceremony will be on about 20:00 when results are ready. In other classes the prize lottery will be organised by the organiser. The winners will be published on paper on the result board and the prizes can be picked up from the info stand showing your competition number. The prizes will not be sent afterwards.